Is Soprano good as NDYAG Laser?

A question was asked recently by a new soon-to-be client of South Asian heritage, as to whether Soprano laser was good for her skin. The reason being she paid a heft sum with another clinic, however, the hair growth appeared to grow stronger than before…

hair laser removal is ideal for medium to thick hair texture. Often the heat from the laser (Diode laser which a Soprano is) can cause finer hair growth to grow courser and stronger.

However, regardless of what has happened before, it is fortunately reversible.

Before deciding which laser machine to get treatment from, you must consider factors such as your ethnicity and skin type. Soprano laser wavelengths are normally recommended for lighter skin types; although the American FDA has cleared its use for all skin types. You can drive a Micra against F1 cars on a Grand Prix track, it will get there but not do very well!

Bluntly put, if you have a darker skin type you should strongly consider switching back to the ND YAG laser as it has a stronger penetration and is the best recommended for all independent studies (Google it!). Soprano Ice uses an 810Nm diode, whereas the ND YAG is 1064Nm.

From experience, we do not use Soprano Diode laser in any capacity.

We currently only use a medical-grade ND YAG laser and cut no corners. We have taken a long-term approach and most of our new clients come from recommendations of our current clients.

Other factors which may be interfering with your results from a laser could be your hormones. Generally, the face area tends to be hormonal. Therefore the average client will require much more treatment here than in comparison to the body. We have clients who have had up to 15 sessions in order to see the optimum response to the laser.

You may even have a hormonal imbalance or be taking medications that are interfering with your hair growth.

If you a free from medication now and are interested in getting serious hair reduction results then contact us for a free hair removal consultation