A Patch test Question from a reader

I had a patch test question come in from a website reader and an eventual customer. To get it out of the way, the first question is always “Is it free?” and the answer is 100% free. I cannot believe some clinic actually charges for a patch test. I wouldn’t pay nor should you…

When you come in for a consultation, you will be explained the different hair growth cycles; what skin type you are, and you will also be examined to see if hair removal laser treatment is suitable for you. You will also be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire.

When it comes to questionnaire’s some people get fearful that telling the utmost truth, fearful of not reaching the promised land of skin-free hair, a bit like the ‘blagged’ CV and a job interview. However, the treatments we offer are laser hair removal Nd:Yag and not cheap Diode or IPL treatments, and sincere honesty in all dealings is very important. The repercussions of not telling the Laser Hair Removal Specialist the whole truth could mean adverse skin side effects that no one wants.

Finally, note that fairer your skin type is and the darker or coarser the hairs are means that the laser will work better. With finer, lighter, or fluffy hair laser treatment would be less effective for you.