4 Tips for Keeping Your Hands Young

Our hands are the workhorses of the human body. To keep them feeling soft, supple and young……

1. Use SPF protection

As you would put sunscreen lotion to your face, also make sure you apply it to other skin areas exposed to the sun including your hands. The lotion helps protect your hands from UVA rays that can prematurely age them, causing brown spots, pigmentation issues and skin that looks crinkled. Using the protection can help prevent these skin issues that give away your age.

2. Use Collagen skin creams

As we age regardless, the skin on your hands naturally become thinner and lose elasticity. That’s why new creams on the market are designed to promote collagen production to plump up the skin. As these products can be pricey, another option is to apply a thick moisturiser regularly at night that locks in moisture to provide smoother-looking skin and potentially make veins less noticeable.

3. Use Gloves where can!

A less well known anti-ageing secret for the hands seems simple enough yet many women neglect it. The next time you do the dishes in hot water, slip on a pair of latex or rubber gloves; the material will protect your hands from drying out in the hot water. In addition, when you head outdoors in winter, wear fabric gloves to protect your skin from the damaging low temperatures or wind.

4. Give your hands Dermatological treatment

The use of cosmetic procedures to remove the tell-tale signs of ageing from one’s hands is another option. Dermal fillers, traditionally used on the face, are now used to smooth creases and build skin volume in the hands. Another option is laser treatments, which can help you achieve a more even complexion on your hands and smooth fine lines.