Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

We often get asked  ‘is laser hair removal permanent?’ The answer is less black and white and more grey…..

Clients with coarse thick dark brown or black hair will often see the best results.

Clients with blonde, grey, or ginger hair, are unsuitable for laser treatment.

Also note that when having hair laser removal permanent treatments, to not go slack on yourself, and to continue to shave, but not commence any other hair removal treatments like creams, electrolysis, or waxing.

The treatment of laser hair removal, regardless of the machine you use, from cheap IPL treatments advertised in Group on, to advanced machinery like what we use at Beaulaser laser clinic in the UK, is a more permanent reduction in hair in areas treated, rather than permanent hair removal. In effect, this means that you will the treated areas have finer and patchier hair. However, some patients will experience a completely silky skin-clean finish. The truth is any laser cannot pick up every single hair follicle, for every hair follicle will be in different stages of its life cycle.

Bluntly, there is no laser on the market in any clinic, anywhere that can give you guaranteed 100% hair laser removal permanent.  Medication or genetic hormones can lead to hair regrowth.

If you want to really get close to the promised land of clean silky skin, to see the best results you should aim to come in for a course of 8 – 10 sessions. These sessions will be spaced out between 4 – 6 week gaps. The face is made up of many different hair follicles therefore it takes longer to treat with a laser than other body parts. It is for women and men’s permanent hair removal. So you will also be required to follow your course with regular top-up sessions.
If you want to schedule a free patch test and consultation with a fully trained and experienced therapist in order to make sure that you are suitable to have hair laser treatment, then get in touch.